Cleanslate UV Technology

Cell phones and tablets are very dirty. The average cell phone screen is 18x dirtier than a toilet seat. Employees and visitors wash their hands only to immediately touch their dirty phone. Chemical wipes damage touchscreens and contribute to environmental waste. Any solution needs to be fast, easy-to-use and effective.

Our CleanSlate UV technology has a chamber design and special UV glass that ensures 360o exposure with no metal mesh shadowing. This a hospital grade medical device and another guard against the spread of coronavirus. Touch free removal and system prompt to sanitize hands reinforces hand hygiene. 3rd party testing done with bio-matter present to ensure high kill rates even when devices aren’t wipes down.

What Can CleanSlate UV Sanitize?

UV-C light CAN sanitize:

  • Pens
  • Bib chains
  • Smartphones and cell phones (2-4 devices/cycle)
  • Smart watches
  • Tablets
  • ID badges, watches, and other hard, non-porous items