Dental / Teeth Cleaning

Serving Port Credit For Over 40 Years – New Patients Welcome!

Our Port Credit Smiles hygienist will provide plaque removal, calculus removal, teeth polishing, fluoride application, oral cancer screening, oral hygiene instruction, nutritional counselling, x-rays as indicated by the dentist, and gum and bone level assessment.

Plaque is common cause of periodontal disease and calculus is the hardened plaque that forms above and below the gum line causing pain, inflammation and bone loss. Left untreated, these conditions can lead to cavities and tooth loss. Fortunately, our hygienist provides a professional dental / teeth cleaning with the utmost comfort and care, addressing your unique needs and concerns and questions.

With our dental office in Port Credit, we are proud to serve clientele from Mississauga, Port Credit, Clarkson and Lorne Park regions. To book your professional dental / teeth cleaning with our hygienist at Port Credit Smiles, please call 905-274-4151.