Wisdom Teeth Removal in Port Credit

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A wisdom tooth removal is generally required when it starts causing a problem or if you want to prevent a problem. The most common problems that occur when a wisdom tooth grows in are that it begins to crowd your mouth or creates an opening in your gum – where germs and bacteria can cause infections.

Our dental professionals offer painless wisdom tooth removal. As mentioned previously, a wisdom tooth is extracted to prevent future dental complications that may occur. A local anesthetic is used in the extraction process of your wisdom tooth. However, if all your wisdom teeth are being removed, a general anesthetic may be suggested.

Whether you have an impacted wisdom tooth or one that has grown out, the dental professional will remove it accordingly. An impacted tooth will need more work in being extracted, as the dentist will need to open up the gum tissue and stitch it back. Some stitches will need to be removed a few days after the extraction, while others will dissolve on its own.

Wisdom Teeth Treatment Solutions

Our comprehensive wisdom tooth removal procedures are ideal for everyone who needs to have it removed. In most cases, a wisdom tooth causes dental pain and discomfort for those aged between 15 and 25. During this period, the roots of the tooth are not fully developed, which makes it easier to remove and provides an easier recovery period.

The risks of dental complications from a wisdom tooth for those aged 30 and over are severely diminished. However, that is not to say that complications will not occur. If you have a grown wisdom tooth, you should still seek the advice of our dental professionals in Port Credit – as it can lead to bad bite among many other complications.

If an impacted tooth or the overcrowding of your teeth is causing you pain and discomfort, you should seek the attention of a dental professional.

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